Together We Can Make Smiles, And Warm Hearts For Christmas.
I often get calls from people wanting to know more about the Gift of Love program. So this is the the reason for this website. To provide information and help you understand what this program is about. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. You can do so through the contact page in this website. This website is for information only. You cannot make donations here.
A Christmas ball ornament is a beautiful thing.
Just like our small children in need of your help.
Some are plain, some are intricate.
But without proper care, they could be shattered in an instant.
Ornaments and children.
Ornament by;
Christmas by Krebs
My favorite old Christmas ball ornament that is part of Gift of Love's logo is used by permisssion from, and is a product of.............................................................
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If your small children are in need of help from the Gift of Love Program, please contact me so your gifts can be processed before December 1st. Except for house fires, sudden serious illness, etc.
Welcome to Gift of Love. Gift of Love is a small nonprofit program, geared to help our needy local area children have a better Christmas. A Christmas that many of them might not have if it were not for the help of Gift of Love supporters. Hello, my name is Shirley Hargett. I run the Gift of Love Program from my home, which is centered in Juniata County Pennsylvania. With your help, we can make Christmas for Juniata, Perry, and Mifflin County area children who live in families that have fallen on hard times, or needing outside help from assistance offices etc., have a happier Christmas.
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